Pramod sharma

Pramod sharma

Hello there ! :) My name is Pramod Sharma , from Hyderabad ,India.

- Aviation Enthusiast (though not a photographer)
-Holding a degree in Air Transport management..
- Drawing Aircrafts has been my greatest hobby and I take pride in doing them.
-I read pilot manuals if they are available online and know the technical aspects of aircrafts.
-Majority of my drawings are on A3 size sheet of paper and the medium that I incorporate for my drawings are simple color pencils, Colored pens , Gel based pens,
- I try to keep my work as real as possible and there are very good chances that there would be differences in my drawings and the real aircraft.

Since my father served as an officer in Indian Army I got an opportunity to witness all the places in India , whenever he got a posting. It was the year 1993 - a small kid I was sitting outside in a park with mom near the barracks when I saw 2 fighter jets pass over the area in a flash.

Since then I inculcated a keen interest towards aviation and scribbled planes, drew aircrafts that did not look like one. As the years progressed so did my works, though not on a professional scale.
Strangely I was so confident that I could tell the difference if the equipment was a B 737 , A320 , A300 etc. just by looking at it and this was in early 1996 and i used to stand by the airport fence for hours during weekends.I desired to be a pilot but there was something different in store for me.
I was in school in New Delhi in the year 1995 where an exhibition was held and my art teacher asked if wanted to put my aircrafts drawings on display. I was happy and completed 20 sketches/drawings. The Chief guest of the event appreciated me and I felt like I am on cloud nine.

1. My Instagram I.D is : jetz_paper
2. Editing is under process as this is my first time here.
-- Appreciate one and all for taking time to go through my profile.

So that was a little about me. :)