Porcupine Studio

Porcupine Studio


Hello, my name is Alyona and this is my studio. I'm from Russia and i love art and psychology.
I've always loved art and experimenting with new ideas and techniques. In my studio, I explore the technique of acrylic pouring. This technique is characterised by the lack of control in the process and this can be a challenge.

In the modern world, we strive to control everything and always try to maintain a grip on situations. Pouring allows you to let go of the wheel, even though this might be difficult and unfamiliar. However, this can enable you to create something amazing and unexpected.

I believe that art acts as a mirror for each individual person and that everyone can find something within the artwork which either speaks to them or appeals to them.
Or, you might just want a pretty painting to go on your wall :)
I really hope you find something interesting amongst my work!