I have been doing art as long as I can remember. Some years I do more than others because of all my medical problems. Doing art seems to free my soul. I can express myself in a way that isn't right or wrong. Your art is just that yours, nobody can tell what's right or wrong, because there isn't any right or wrong to it. Your art is just that yours. Everybody expresses their feelings in a different way.
In my art if you look you will see that I have a fasciation with tubes. I drew them there for a couple of years. I would work them into a painting if at all possible. Then about 2012 I went to pen and ink. I did pen and ink for a couple of years and I have started to go back to pen and ink. It is a neat medium to work with. Currently I am still working with pen and ink as well as some colored pencil and crayon drawings. That is because I bought a house around the end of May 2020, and it is nice to work in a medium that can easily be cleaned up while trying to organize my house. Please if you have a moment, look at my art, I think you would enjoy it. Thanks.

Currently I am raising funds to try and get a service dog from Glad Wags in Tulsa, OK. You can look at my go fund me page by going to the link below.


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