Faces Of The Endangered

Faces Of The Endangered


This Gallery is a look book of all Bria's work. Please visit www.pigtailsart.com. to buy prints and originals.
My Facebook page is https://facebook.com/Facesoftheendangered and My charities are IFAW.org Jane Goodall Institute and The Wolf Conservation Center." ~💛Bria

Bria, now 13 has painted over 300 species and donated over $68,000 through the sale of her art. "Endangered animals are important to the planet and to people. My hope is that this year we can save all animals that are endangered, critically endangered and extinct in the wild. I hope my project will inspire people all over the world and show children they can save the animals too. Thank you for your support and making my dreams come true." ~Bria

Original Work 2019

Vanishing Species 2018

Original Works 2018

Bria Originals 2017

Kaleidoscope Collection 2016

Faces Of The Endangered Gallery 2016

Holiday Collection 2016

Faces Of The Endangered Gallery 2015

Early Paintings 2014