Faces Of The Endangered

Faces Of The Endangered


Bria Neff is an amazing 13-year old artist. She has painted over 300 species of animals and has helped raise over $70,000 for charities and non-profits that work at protecting animals worldwide. Bria has earned several high honors including the 2020 Regional Gold Key Scholastic Art Award Recipient, 2020 Scholastic National Art Silver Medalist for painting, 2020 World Wildlife Day Art finalist, 2019 Live Justice Honoree and is the youngest Ambassador with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in the UK. In 2019, a painting of a wolf sold in Manhattan NY during live auction for $25,000!


Original Work 2019

Vanishing Species 2018

Original Works 2018

Bria Originals 2017

Kaleidoscope Collection 2016

Faces Of The Endangered Gallery 2016

Holiday Collection 2016

Faces Of The Endangered Gallery 2015

Early Paintings 2014