Kevin Hoselton presents these works of art that will soon be in your possession. May they bring you expressions of joy and inspiration. You will experience emotions that touch your heart and mind. My wish is for memories of past,present and future times to be awakened. Please share those treasures with friends and family. Look and listen intently with purpose as the interwoven messages reveal themselves to you, hold on to them firmly with compassion. Thank you for the pleasure to share them. A second life transitioning from instrument to art decor and carrying forward its previous life as a piano. My wish is to touch the human souls heart and mind without physical touch, to connect on an intimate level that speaks through the sound of silence, it is felt by a new experience of discovery. My friend please exercise your choice to listen, listen, listen. These great works of art will speak to you personally.

Encaustic Trio Wall Shelf

A Walk to Remember

Primary Reasons