_________________________________________________________________ is the creation of Paul and Sophia Rogers. Our overriding Mission is to share elegant Artworks that will “nourish, sustain, and uplift the human spirit.” We also feature FREE music videos for your enjoyment and inspiration. Our Guiding Philosophy—in both business and life—is eloquently expressed in the following insightful words of Paul S. McElroy: "Whatever we do or say, or fail to do or say has such subtle and far-reaching influence that we can never tell what the result will be. Our shadows fall where we may never actually go. A deed or word may set in motion forces that change the history of the world."

At we feature beautiful photography carefully matched with powerful quotations in order to "nourish, sustain, and uplift the human spirit." At the very heart of our Guiding Philosophy is our personal commitment to donate at least ten per cent (10%) of our net profits to well-managed charitable programs devoted to assisting other people who are mired in unfortunate circumstances and who are in need of a helping hand—a hand-up, so to speak, as opposed to a hand-out. We believe that from the Earth’s abundant resources humans do, indeed, have sufficient means and resources—and we only need to marshal the necessary firm resolve—to help every person enjoy a reasonable opportunity to experience nourishment, fulfillment, and positive achievements in life.

Even though the world might sometimes seem to be awash in violence, despair, and destruction, we also believe it is critically important that each of us maintain faith in our own individual ability to help “change the history of the world” for the better. We invite you to join with us in this conviction. We hope you’ll experience the joyfulness of genuine nourishment and inspiration while exploring our art galleries.

Blessed are those who have enough and are aware that they do have enough, for there are many among us who do not have enough and many others who do have enough but do not appreciate that reality. One of life’s most fundamental—but, alas, elusive lessons—is that true wealth lies not in having MORE but in having ENOUGH. May those who do have enough rejoice and be thankful, and may they always remember to honor and respect the secret struggle of every other person living anywhere on earth.

We trust that you will thoroughly enjoy our various Collections of Artworks and that you'll tell your family and friends about If you wish to contact us, you may do so via email at; we would be delighted, indeed, to hear from you.


Paul R. Rogers and Sophia L. Rogers

Prayer for Children