Traces of childhood

Philip Bourney was born in 1950 .
At primary school he met a teacher who encouraged him to express himself through drawing and painting. At that time it was very difficult to communicate others. It was for him a decisive encounter .
He could not follow artistic training in a art school. He attended many evening classes in drawing, composition , painting, art history at the same time he had to work to support himself .

Attracted by the representation of happiness and carelessness in impressionism and pointillism , he quickly broke to pursue what seemed essential and develop his own style.

For several years he worked the theme of the injured childhood. But if he shows us the fragility and vulnerability of children is especially he wants to highlight the injustices that affect them. In fact, I think he hopes to change the world.

He builds his paintings from memories or perceived in everyday life viewes, then extract all temporal landmarks and places to keep only the universal expression . The colors are more valuable to him because he no longer needed to reveal what is hidden in us.

drawings :ink and pencil