The artist P G Kimble

The artist P G Kimble

I am an artist who in my fifties feels young due to having two teenage sons.
I have been posting work online for years and you can see much of my work by logging into
I recently had work accepted and showed at the National art gallery in London and gave a presentation on its opening night.
I have been described as an artist whose work is both phenomenological and mystical.
One of my quotes is, "I do not live to paint, I paint to live.` At times I have awoken from a dream in the night and felt compelled to leap out of bed and put paint on paper.
My favourite quote from another which I have adapted, is; `Life without art would be a mistake and man not God makes mistakes.` This indicates the struggle within those of us who want to break through the chains and shackles that the world and men of the world tell us the way things must be.. Whilst they stand there telling us we cannot do it, we get on and do it! Mistakes are okay if not constantly repeated, but learned from.
Life is too short to make mistakes and not learn from them and try again. We must not just be doing though, as a balanced life is to recognize times when we have to be still and just be in the moment without thoughts or racing emotions. Still the heart and mind and wait awhile for coherence and clarity.. Then anew, we will be amazed what comes to our consciousness...

Visited Hull on Gay Pride day.

Painting on a rainy day.

Feeling Good.



painting for others.