Paul Bailey Editions

Paul Bailey Editions

His charming depictions of outdoor activities and use of striking, bold colors will make you fall in love with his vintage Tahoe prints.
Along with his brush, Paul pumps up the colors during printing to make them fresh and even more vivid and true to color.
Paul Bailey, watercolor painter and designer.
has captured the romance of living in the mountains through his watercolors of nostalgic mountain scenes and lifestyles set in the 1930’s – 1950’s.

While his arrangements and use of light may appear simple, and portray typical mountain culture, there is a lot more to be said about this man who sees a kaleidoscope of colors,shades, shadows and shapes that are then transferred on to paper to share with his audience.
Paul has created a series of these beautiful vintage wooden boats that grace the lakes on special occasions during the warm summer months. There is the famous Thunderbird, a great treasure you may see out on the lake during the summer, along with many of those beauties, such as the Garwoods, Chris Crafts, Rivas, all painted by Paul Bailey so that we can enjoy viewing them all year long.

Paul has also spent time painting beautiful art images of the colorful wine country of Napa Valley, the Castello Di Amorosa, Sattui winery, Peju Province, Benziger, Valley of The Moon,and Del Dotto these are a few of the many wineries he has painted. Along with these unique wineries, Paul has also captured many of the rolling hills flowing with vineyards. before and after harvest onto canvas. Paul once again shares his view of the beauty of the way seasons effect the colors of the vineyard leaves, from lucious greens to deep purples and then to the bright yellows of fall. As always it is through this artist eyes we are able to observe and share the beauty of what makes the wine country of California so unique.

Bailey has been a painter and art designer for more than 30 years and is a native Californian. He learned his skills from his parents who taught him graphic art, watercolor and pastels as a child. He later went on to art school, adding studies in architecture as well.
Paul is a very humble man , who because of an unfortunate bump on the road in life became a single parent to his 3 children. He devoted many years being mother and father to his children. This is what drove him to paint, print, and frame his own work. Being a single parent was number one and art number two. Now that the children are grown and doing well he has devoted his entire life into creating art and the beauty he sees. He truly enjoys sharing it with others.
This combination has enriched him with a unique ability to create depth and dimension, bringing the viewer to appreciate the realism of his paintings.