My formal education is materials engineer from UPI, Ekaterinburg, Russia. For several years I spent my days in the lab developing and testing different types of metal alloys.

Now I live in Israel and my passion to materials led me to do mosaic works. I do mosaic with glass and ceramic but my favorite materials are egg shell mosaic paintings on canvas & clay.

It all starts with making scrambled eggs for my daughter. After we eat, I keep the shells, wash them, peel off the film and dry them. They are then painted using acrylic paints and broken to the desired size (small!). The shells are then meticulously placed to form a unique design, with canvas and clay, used for the surface. Finally, the piece is coated and sealed with several layers of varnish, which gives it a neat glossy finish.

All my items are my own designs and 100% handmade by me. These are one of a kind items that I love for myself and I'm happy to share it with you.

10" x 12" Mosaic Art

8"x8"x0.6" Mosaic Art

Hamsa Egg Shell Mosaic

16"x16x0.6" Mosaic Art

31.5"x12"x1.0" Mosaic Art

8"x8" Mosaic Art

8"x14"x0.6" Mosaic Art