Hello! My name is Janelle Pankiw and Iam a self-study artist. I have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I have two ways that I create paintings. One is I take pictures with the intent on how they will look as a painting. I grew up in a home where my stepfather was a photographer. He gave me insights as a photographer and this allowed me to see photos as paintings. Now I apply those insights to my paintings. The second way is free styling. It's more what I feel when I push the paint around rather than anything tangible or technique based. I have done portrait work, whimsical, and landscape. I enjoy landscape painting the most. I have won several awards for my paintings at the Montgomery County Fair in Maryland. In 2013 I won third place award(white ribbon)for an oil painting. In 2014 I won three first place awards (blue ribbons) for oil paintings and one second place (red ribbon) for a watercolor. I most recently exhibited my work at the Shady Lady Studio and frequently at the IAA (Island Art Association) here in Fernandina Beach. I also selected to display at the IAA as Artist of the month. I am always continuing to learn new techniques to add to my current skills.
Thank you for taking your time to look at my paintings.





Rivers, streams, and waterfalls

Washington, DC


Digital Art