My name is Irina Safronova and my creative pseudonym is PALIRINA. I'm a Belarusian artist working full-time in my studio every day.

I'm a professional stylist and it helps me a lot in painting - I know the theory of color, form, understand how to work with texture and composition. I am a project thinker. My Art projects were twice published in the most popular glossy magazine "Fashion Collection Belarus" on hot social topics, such as COVID-19 and the political situation in Belarus, starting from August 2020.

I create abstract paintings with acrylic paints, enamel, and texture paste on canvases of different sizes. I love the fluid acrylic technique of fluid art. It is a very meditative and beautifully mesmerizing technique! So, in this technique, I created an art project "Fantastic Luxury of Being", where I acquaint the audience with my fantasy worlds!

I am an ecologist by profession, so in my work, I try to minimize the waste left by the fluid art technique paintings. It is a waste-free ecological technology. I make a stamp from the remaining paints and get the most unique paintings!

Abstract fluid