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Paul "Gilby" Gilbertson has been involved in the Art World throughout his entire life... and was a "Pioneer in Watercolour" by adding "Salt" to his watercolour paintings since the 1970's. He traveled throughout Europe from 1981 to 1984 while in his twenties and made his living as a "Chalk Street Artist" as he bicycled his way from Luxembourg to Paris, Paris to Switzerland, Switzerland to Greece and from the Greek Isles all the way to Norway.
He married in 1984 and will be celebrating his 35th Anniversary in December along with his children and grandchildren. "Gilby" has been his nickname since his early childhood days growing up in Chetek, Wisconsin and is now his "Signature" on all of his artwork. He recently painted a piece that he will be presenting to the Pope and Vatican City later next year titled, "Gilby vs. Leonardo da Vinci... Salvatore Mundi ".
Additionally, he will be sending one of his original watercolours titled "Gilby vs. Cezanne... The Card Players" to Prince Fahad Al Sabah of Kuwait as a gift. (Note: The original painting by Cezanne sold for $250,000,000 to the Prince of Qatar in 2014). Gilby met Prince Fahad Al Sabah and his mother in Crans/Montana Switzerland back in the early 1980's when he worked for her as a Bodyguard and Ski Teacher for her grandchildren.
For the past three decades Gilby has been raising kids and grandkids, buying and selling real estate, building homes and subdivisions and has revived his passion for watercolour painting! He is now seeking to leave behind a "Watercolour Legacy" that will long outlive him, and at the same time... make the world a more colourful place!
If you are looking to invest in art at this time consider a commissioned piece by the Artist himself while his work is still most affordable.
For more information about the Artist kindly visit www.OwnAGilby.com and/or email him at Paul@OwnAGilby or follow him on Instagram at #paulgilbertson1223

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