Out of Darkness: Diane Beatty

Out of Darkness: Diane Beatty


I started painting in the spring of 2013. I've always been able to draw a little but it would take me ages to get something that slightly resembled a person. It was one day shortly after arriving home from one of our many trips to India, that I was walking through the art section in Target and spotted watercolour paints. I had an overwhelming urge to buy them. You see it was my prayer that somehow I would be given a gift which would allow me to raise money to help with projects that I had seen overseas. Since that time I only have to sketch once and then add colour. What emerges is more shocking to me than anyone.

Through my art I have met some wonderful people who have given me some great pointers. My art has been displayed in a locally and in the BC interior in coffee shops, art studios, gift shops and galleries.

I also do custom portraits of people, children and pets. Through all this we have managed to rescue girls out of the sex trade in India, help with water wells, senior homes and orphanages.
Currently we have been taking trips to Mexico and doing village outreaches. I am working on a set of painting to help raise funds to aide areas of extreme poverty.

When people work together we can make the world a better place. A little drop can really make a big ripple. When you look upon your purchase you can be sure that it will have a lasting impact in more ways than one.

Exciting News: One of my paintings at a local gallery went for 10x the asking price!.





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