Oleander Caltrop

Oleander Caltrop


OleanderCaltrop is a self-taught artist who prefers to paint strange things from his subconscious or skewed images as he sees fit. The stranger the better, the better the creepier, the creepier the more gratification he receives.
While OleanderCaltrop paints he likes to listen to the rhythmic sounds of "John Maus" and or "Emil Rottmayer", but lately he has been on a Katy Perry kick. He is a man of many tastes.
OleanderCaltrop,bless his heart, is a sucker for chili-candy suckers and sour gummies, which consist of his breakfast and lunch,mainly. For dinner he sits down for a nice mutton.
There seems to be no rhyme or reason to his subject matter, a spur of the moment whim, or any way to waste paint. His methods are equally nonsensical. I once witnessed Mr. Caltrop banging his face into the canvas for several minutes, when he finally turned I could see what I believed was a crimson pigment smeared across his forehead. Other times I have heard him scratching violently and pawing loudly at the canvas in the middle of the night, in the dead of the twilight hours, but when I went to investigate he was sound asleep, with the covers tucked tightly under his chin. I have never actually observed Mr. Caltrop accomplishing any of the paintings present on this site, but he always seems to produce them at will with a devilish grin.

--Devin Norris (Mr. Caltrop's caretaker)