Art of Ohso

Art of Ohso

Welcome to my Online Art Gallery! Enjoy your visit. Here you can view & purchase my original paintings & print reproductions.

My name is Ohso. I'm a self-taught, mixed media artist, born & raised in New Orleans, LA! I primarily paint imaginative, 3-D composition portraits of Women of Color with "Living Waters" as a prominent, recurring biblical metaphor. Water in my work represents purification, spiritual need, & eternal life. Many pieces feature women with "Flowing Tresses" sculptured onto the canvas because I view the hair as the "Crown and Glory" of a woman and in early African civilizations as well as some communities today, black hairstyles indicate social status, tribe, family background, makes political statements, used as a source of empowerment, and act as a conduit for spiritual interaction to God. Other recurring images in my work are West African Adinkra Symbols. Adinkra literally translates to "goodbye, or farewell". The abstract symbols are often linked with proverbs, so in my paintings, they visually express particular attitudes and convey more meaning than a single written word." My mediums of choice are acrylic, celluclay and sculptamold but I often incorporate airbrush, pastels, ink, fabric paint & watercolors.

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