Everything we see or touch, including ourselves, holds a vibration and every colour vibrates with different frequency. We receive and feel energy transmissions through our etheric body. For most people that happens on subconscious level. Every person has an energy field/aura around themselves. The higher the level of the vibrations of this energy field the better you feel. An improvement in your vibration improves your health on all levels. Vibration activates healing for your body and soul on multidimensional levels. Different colours have affect on different chakras. High frequencies can also help us be more open to our inner guidance. Best way to find appropriate picture is by using your intuition. You will feel what resonates with you the most.
Energy may be indefinable but it is a universal concept. Some feel energy as a connection with another human being; some perceive it as the brightness or the heat of the sun on an astounding day. We all have an innate sense of the impact of energy.
I also believe that every person needs to be creative in some way to achieve fulfilment in life. Just watching other peoples creations can helps you activate your creative side. Photographing and painting helps me balancing my life. This is my meditation and a great way of relaxation.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

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Vir2: http://www.energyartmovement.org/

Energetic photo edited paintings

Energetic paintings

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