West Virginia artist using mainly pen and markers to create my work. My work comes from internal struggles with whatever I may be dealing with. I have always been drawn to drawing (lol sorry) since I was very young. Placing my stuffed animals on the table to draw, doodling landscapes, you name it. But it wasn't until I was 24/25 years old when I really started drawing regularly as I was working through some trauma from my past, current difficulties in my life. You name it, it just caught up to me and I could no longer shove it deep down inside.

Now I continue to create because I simply enjoy the crap out of it. Sometimes I finish a piece and it is not really near what I had initially in mind, however I am still pleased how an idea has come across.

Other than drawing, I compete in strength sports, currently working on getting my cosmetology license, love hanging out with my husband and large English bulldog puppy.