Outphytz Ventures (The African Clothing Shop) is a Ghanaian registered company with the central aim of projecting African values, cultural heritage primarily through fashion (using fabrics and other raw materials locally made and sold in Ghana).
Outphytz blends African fabrics with contemporary design skills coupled with fashion ideas from our ancestral heritage in other to preserve our unique cultural values and maintain it for posterity preventing it from distortion. As a result we produce very AWESOME and UNIQUE Afrocentric African Outfits with a touch of class.
Outphytz has a mission of educating the world about our African values, norms and ideology through our fashion and style as well as enlightening the youth within African and beyond about the wealth and uniqueness of Africa as a land of opportunities.
With the touch of African fabrics, you can easily be linked to the motherland because of the uniqueness of its features and texture as well as the extra ordinary look it gives when you wear an outfit from the motherland (Africa).
Africans have an awesome dressing pattern which can make you standout wherever you find yourself because it’s very difficult to find one in the same fabric or styled as you.
Our shop is located at Mallam-Gbawe (Gravel junction, just opposite the winner Chapel) in the Greater Accra region of Ghana in West Africa.

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