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Do It With Passion Or Not At All @OLenaArt.LenaOwens 🌻Denver, CO, USA Art teaches nothing except the significance of life.
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NTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Yes, I do ship internationally. As rates are different for different sizes of painting, I can't tell ahead how much it will cost. Please feel free to contact me for an international shipping quote.
Lena Owens - contemporary artist from Colorado USA. “Why do I like to paint? Perhaps because I like making something out of nothing. I cannot live without expressing my inner feeling for beauty in a physical form. Another artist who was my father passed it on to me and I don’t want to bury it.
To me the highest form of art is the perception of beauty which makes it possible to be creative. Not necessarily in the form of a painting or another craft, but as in “being in tune with life” which can then be acted upon. So the result of that inner state expresses itself in all kinds of art. One can be a gardener or an engineer; a parent or an artist. Destruction is an indication of disconnection. Creation is caring and nurturing, and healing. In that state, violence is not. No strong political leaning, just true to one’s inner peace. To be right wing or left wing makes no sense. A true artist cannot bear destruction and violence in any form. When you create something out of nothing, it makes you happy and it gives joy to others too. Destruction does the exact opposite, so I choose happiness and joy in art.”

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Palette Knife Paintings by OLena Art

photography by OLena Art/Lena Owens