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OG Jaiie


My name is Jennifer but everyone calls me Jaiie ( Jay) I'ma self-taught artist & also a gamer & writer.

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Art Page : Http://www.Facebook.com/OGJaiieArt
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I like to draw with different media. For Ex. make-up, sharpies, pencils, charcoal, color pencils & digital art.

I draw famous people, cartoons, anime, graffiti & almost everything.

I've had a couple Famous people repost/liked & commented on my art.

Famous People That Like Or Commented Or Reposted :

King Bach
Najee De Tiege ( Blue Samurai Power Ranger)
Kirko Bangz
Ms Krazie
Baby Bash
Yung Berg
Jay Are ( CSD (R.I.P))

I also re-draw some drawings I see people do to practice & get better.

Made With Makeup & Others


Famous People Artwork