Hi I’m Nick, I’m a country boy from West Virginia. Wow I’m really doing this. Months of inspirational “yes I can do this” that inevitably always turned into a “no i don’t think I can.” Ever since I was little I loved art, it let me process life better being introverted. I felt like painting was my escape from reality. I could make images as I from my perception and creativity. My desire to share my art to others has always been my dream. In my early 20s I gave so many of my paintings away to people I will probably never ever see. Makes crazy thinking if I just would had snapped a few pictures. Oh well. My mom and my Aunt always told me I had a gift for painting, but I told myself that they were my family, of course that’s what they’d say. But friends and others always told me the same. I have a voice that tells me I’m not good enough and I shell up. Anyways what led me here was a failed relationship and my mom dying in 2011, a day after my birthday. She was an amazing person and my best friend. If she was happy then so was I, she had a contagious personality. I was the type in my young adulthood that I let others make my life decisions for me. I had told myself that they probably knew better. But when mom died I lost my purpose and I emotionally died with her. I eventually fell hard into a black hole of addiction and with all the self will I could muster I couldn’t quit. As you probably can assume art was not a part of my life for 8 yrs. Just humiliation and hopelessness. I ended up getting arrested and I thought my life was over. But it was just the beginning. It was not what I wanted but it was definitely what I needed. I ended up in a court ordered rehab. I learned who I was and developed a new moral outlook on life. Once out I had gained inner peace and confidence, but financially my poor life decisions left me with nothing. Starting over again was overwhelming but I do assembly work now. I don’t make much but I’m happy. My creativity that I thought I had lost was bursting to get out as well. I decided to pick up a brush. My old friend had been patiently waiting. The work I have on my page is brand new and I don’t plan on ever turning my back on Art again. It’s who I am. I hope everyone will enjoy my work and i promise to always do my best. Thx you for loving art and I hope my paintings will put a smile on your face.

Deer Hunter

Rip off Lord of the Rings

Random New Work

New Work

Country Roads


Hooked on a Forest feeling