The Artistic Journey of Michael Williams

Hello, fellow artist. My name is Michael. I am a digital artist currently developing Illustration, before making a triumphant return back to 3D Animation, where I attended college for and graduated in June of 2011.

Unlike most artists who engage in works of Illustrations and concepts, my artistic journey did not began with drawing with pencils. At the age of seven , I instead started out sculpting characters with simple materials, such as paper, plastic, and most of all aluminum foil (kinda odd, I know), and give each completed piece names while I was at it. It was not until the age of ten that I would do drawing and sketching, with almost each image based on science fiction and fantasy characters.

These days, I still love to engage in Fantasy-type art, where I continue to be a fan of. I also love to produce art based on nature, such as wildlife and landscapes. From my art, you will see that I am producing Illustrations based on each of those categories.

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Copyright © 2015 Michael Williams. Please do not copy, sell, or edit posted artwork without my permission.


Wild Life