Nora Euler

Nora Euler

So who am I?
My name is Nora and I am a self taught aspiring artist from Europe. I was born 1996 in Darmstadt, Germany and I'm half German and half Ukrainian and grew up in a town named Luleå located in northern Sweden.

I'm not a person of words, instead I express myself with art. Every piece has a meaning and history behind it.

Why do I create art?
It's a way to express my feelings as well as sharing my vision. I'm inspired by all kind of matters like the reality of our society as well as architecture and feelings.
Sometimes my hands just seem to itch to create and experiment with different colour combinations and patterns. I remember being amazed by the power of expression that art has already at an early age.

I don't believe in telling the viewer what they should see or interpret when they look at my work, instead I encourage you to interpret my art however you want. However, descriptions of my vision has been added to a few art work.

If you take interest in my work and have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!
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