John Shashaty is a New York born and raised abstract artist and fashion designer with a story to tell. For many years John spent the wee hours of the morning creating detailed stories through abstract art. His black & white drawings are extraordinary for their appearance and equally as captivating because of the stories they tell within them. To many observers, the artwork looks like geometric shapes on paper. Within these designs, however, John hides prominent symbols that create a story of positivity, love, emotion, current events, and other parts of our culture. These hidden stories have not been shared with many. In most cases, it’s only the art collector who receives the work’s narrative, which leaves the rest of us to search for ourselves.

John started to show his works in various NYC pop-up art exhibits and locations. These include; One Art Space, Art Apple NYC Launch, 1340 Art Gallery, 10011 Magazine, the NYC Subway, and various major office locations. The persona “Nocturnal Abstract 222” was born since the works focused on positive vibes and were created in the wee hours of the morning. In a short period, art lovers started to follow the Nocturnal Abstract in person and on social media.

Countless hours of conversation about the artworks occurred. This coupled with John’s passion for footwear resulted in the creation of Now your footwear can have meaning and truly be a work of art. If you share the same passion about abstract art and footwear this is the place for you!


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