Nicholas Ganz

Nicholas Ganz

Nicholas Ganz is an artist, author and photographer from Essen, Germany. Since 1994 he is painting graffiti in the streets and simultaneously started to take photos of his own works and the graffiti of other people. This laid the roots of his artistic work.

In 1997 he wanted to create a special graffiti name, that had no direct meaning instead of choosing a word from the dictionary. So Nicholas took some of my most preferred letters and created a name, that had no concrete meaning - Keinom. Keinom describes his artistic work and the world from where he takes his inspiration, where he takes refuge in and where he creates my philosophy.

In 2004 Nicholas published my first book Graffiti World, that grew out of his extensive photographic archive. It was followed by Graffiti Woman in 2006 and two books about Burma, Myanmar.

During all this time, Nicholas Ganz constantly worked in the streets and now it is the time to present his work to a wider public.