Nicci’s Portraits

ALL OF THE ARTIST'S PERSONAL PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO NAMI. I would describe my style as Expressionism and many of my portraits are portrayals of Celtic goddesses. Some are simply renditions of a variety of humanity in its many guises. The versatility of the musical world, as well as the versatility of humanity, is very fascinating to me - I always see beauty in everything and everyone.

As far as my motivation for donating my profits to NAMI - In 2020, I lost my oldest brother who battled mental illness all of his life. He died of natural causes - I do not want my story to be misleading - but his struggle was of a magnitude that I think few people have any real understanding of. Stigma says people with mental illness are weak. They are not. Stigma says they have no hope. They do. Stigma says they are too dangerous, too unpredictable, too sad to be drawn into a productive society. Even I had a hard time grasping the reality that this person was STRONG, AMAZING, PASSIONATE, LARGER THAN LIFE - not broken, weak, helpless, hopeless.

My artistic endeavors began in an art therapy session in early 2019, so this is a surprising form of creative expression for me. I have learned I cannot force the creative process, hurry it, or overthink it - it evolves on its own. Born and raised in the Midwest United States, I now live in Arizona with my husband of 25 years. It is a great joy to discover new avenues of creative expression that I love. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork!

As an artist, I am primarily self-taught through hours of exploration, but I have had some coaching, video instruction, and workshops. In other words, expressing oneself is intuitive - technique is learned and I just paint what feels good. I feel there would be value in both, but having found my artistic voice in the age of COVID, my educational attempts have fallen flat. Painting every day is part of my creative practice. I also hold a B.S. in Telecommunications Management and worked in the industry for years. These days, I am retired from my day-to-day job and dedicate my time to artistic pursuits in artwork, creative writing, and music.

Inquiries about any work of art may be directed to Please note "artwork inquiry" in the subject line.