Niaz Hekmat

Niaz Hekmat


I am a photographer /artist, and a new blogger. To know more about me I need to tell you about what got my passion burning for what I do.

My Art

Like most children from a very young age I loved to express myself through art, and finishing my first oil painting at the age of 8 further fuelled me towards painting. My biggest dream was to be an artist, and I would spend sleepless nights painting till morning. The satisfaction of creating something that was beautiful was very addictive. As I matured I formed more solid ideologies through my researches and started integrating them with my art, and my style moved more towards expressing the abstract.
To broaden my limits of expression I soon started to work with mix media.

My art is greatly influenced by persian mystic philosophies of Sufism, Buddhist teachings of enlightenment and sacred geometry. My work is an attempt to communicate what I understand from them and hopefully create a curiosity for the viewer to further research and contemplate on the ideas. Furthermore my work shows the connections and similarities between these different spiritual schools.

My Photography

It all began after receiving my first camera for my 12th birthday from my parents. It gave me more freedom towards capturing interesting details quickly, and to further put to use my eye for detail. Photography helped me create lasting glimpses of what I saw.

The Moment I Saw...