Neoplanet art

Neoplanet art

Julia Meisenger has been a practicing energy therapist since 2008.

Was born in Minsk .
In 2005, she moved to Moscow to enter the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Graduated from the Faculty of International Relations.

In 2009, she created a unique method of energy massage that can solve not only the problems of the physical body, but also work out the layers of psychological problems of a person.

In 2012, she received a Theta Healing diploma. In his practices, he uses the switching of brain waves to the theta state. This is an effective technique for dealing with limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears, and other blocks.

In 2013, she completed a course of astral practices. In its activities, it uses the projection of the information field to achieve the fastest possible healing.

Since 2014, she has spent several years in Asia studying with non-commercial Gurus in India , Bali, and Nepal. Received initiation and blessing for teaching practices.

In 2017, she studied at the Moscow Institute of Hypnosis, after which she was able to apply hypnotherapy in practice. The technique of regressive hypnosis, which allows you to get rid of birth injuries, has proven itself brilliantly in therapy.

Great importance is attached to the practices of pranayama, holotropic and energy breathing,
Which she studied for 5 years with practicing therapists.

Julia Meisenger has received and applies knowledge in the field of psychology and parapsychology, studies the work of the brain and its impact on all areas of our lives from the point of view of quantum theory.
Studies both Western and Eastern astrology, numerology.