Tatsianas Art NatureHub

Tatsianas Art NatureHub


Hi, my name is Tatsiana. I was born in Minsk, Belarus and have lived there most of my childhood and teenage years. A few years ago I moved to the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, a place of pristine and enchanted forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Although, I have been passionate about art since childhood, only here, in Vancouver, I started to transfer my love for art and nature on to the canvas.I don't have any formal art education but I continuously take private lessons from the variety of artists. I think my talent is to blame for the rest :).
I have traveled around British Columbia, Oregon Coast USA, and Europe. I have been to numerous art galleries in France, Italy, Canada, Czhech Republic, Russia,Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus. Of all ocean and mountains inspire me the most.
I would like to bring these gorgeous landscapes, seascapes, and mountain ranges to your life to make you feel happy! Being born in Belarus where we don't have mountains and ocean, I would like to share the beauty of British Columbia with everyone.

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