Solomon Briggs

Enjoy painting Cats, Landscapes, Skateboarding terrain like pools or skateparks.
A desire is to portray, and/or express, aspects of living with Narcolepsy and also with Cataplexy (a symptom of Narcolepsy, it's a triggering of/into complete temporary paralysis from pleasurable, and/or intense swing/s of, emotion).
I've self published a few books on living having Narcolepsy with Cataplexy:
One is of illustrations with descriptions named:
-> Expressions of my own Narcolepsy with Cataplexy
One is a written book:
-> Rolling A Path
One is of poems relating to living with disease:
-> Invisibly-Ill Living the Dis-understanding

Have been painting since Nov. of '14, having fun with it and finding it helpful, therapeutic, I continue and figured I'd set up this page.

Live in Indiana, I skateboard at times, get into design/build of concrete skateparks on occasions, I cook what I eat having a lot of common allergies that cause me real troubles, am a Narcoleptic who has Cataplexy.

Narcoplexic, is just a mix of the two words Narcolepsy and a symptom of it (that has been very impacting upon me), Cataplexy. I tend to say I'm a person who has Narcolepsy, opposed to saying Narcoleptic (no real reasoning there, as I don't find Narcoleptic offensive, as some do).

Anything you buy, will benefit me and helps.
Thank You for visiting, reading and taking the time.

Original Paintings