Coloring My World-Nan Perry Art

Coloring My World-Nan Perry Art

"Fill your world with color and your spirits will rise." This quote along with its corresponding illustration is the subject matter of a mural in my classroom. It serves to provide a definition of art for students and a reminder to them and myself of the power of art in our lives. Art is a form of communication, yet it is so much more. Art is a form of enrichment, a source of great joy for us as well. Art makes us more human. When asked what I hope to accomplish/communicate with my work, this quote captures the essence of my intent. Having grown up in the deep South, I assumed that everyone was as blessed as I to experience the lush blues and greens of my surroundings. Nearby Cheaha State Park on the tail end of Appalachian Mountain Range served as the backdrop for childhood activities that only country kids know: walking barefoot down dirt roads, catching June bugs on hot summer days, rolling in mounds of dried leaves on crisp October afternoons, and building forts with pine straw, sticks, and unflagging ambition. Creating art is a source of unending joy for me, and it is this same joy, the simply joys of living, that I hope to share. I paint subjects with which I can identify, subjects that pique a memory or capture a slice of the natural beauty which belongs to us all. May you know this same joy.


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