In 2000, I bought a cheap point and shoot camera, from then on I have had a love affair with Photography. I bought a Canon Rebel in 2008, I loved developing film in my black and white photography class, dodging and burning, choosing how I want the picture to be.

When digital cameras came out, it was amazing what you can do, the ability to see and print immediately. There is nothing like the feeling of capturing a moment that will never exist again. I love sunrises and sunsets cause each one is so completely different.

So after selling my house in Palm Springs, CA in April 2021 - I ran away from home, then bought a truck in May and been journeying since, did probably around 22,000 miles last year.

All the while learning new things, I was in a photography class in New Mexico in July 2021 learned so far my favorite things, that is multiple exposures - you can do in the camera - I am so in love with that most of my images now are that, I still love outdoor/landscapes and enjoy working with Macro

I also paint and draw, those are abstract and a little out there and I still don't know if I can put those on this site.

AA Degree in Art



Abstract World