New World Art Center

The New World Art Center (NWAC) is an international art gallery and management company based in SoHo, NYC with branches in Shanghai and Taipei. It engages in exhibition, publishing, licensing, print production, collecting and art investment consulting. As an art agency with keen business insight and a sense of cultural responsibility, the NWAC is becoming one of the leading international art investment consulting agencies and art galleries in the world. Under the leadership and vision of Lucia Chen, the NWAC has mounted and organized approximately 300 exhibitions for Dr. T.F. Chen as well as other international artists over the past 30 years. The NWAC has also been been a continuous sponsor of the T.F. Chen Cultural Center and its programs, as well as a collaborator with other galleries and organizations worldwide. The NWAC International aims to assist artists in realizing their ultimate goal of entering the narrative of art history through careful, customized career planning and market strategy while achieving profitable business return for investors & collectors.


Emerging Artists