Nancy Davies Tang

Nancy Davies Tang

For my 13th birthday I asked for an oil painting set and was lucky enough to receive it; unlike the drum set I requested a few years later. Art instead of music; I can say that was probably a kind twist of fate because now I create objects of beauty instead of who knows what horrors of sound I might have inflicted on others.

I am the first one in my family to obtain a four year college degree. I was pre-med, then changed to fine arts, then had to get a job and eventually wound up as a computer programmer until finally landing back here in the arts. I went from Wall Street to Rural Route and have never been happier. I do not regret a thing. Everything I experienced and learned helps me today.

What drives my creativity? Why do I do what I do? Where did I study and what awards have I won? These are the things I’m supposed to tell you in a bio but I probably won’t. Creativity is innate in each of us; sometimes it finds an outlet in cooking, building, singing or in fishing. For me it is in creating with color and light.