Monique van Stokkum Artist

Monique van Stokkum Artist

I'm born and raised in the woods near the German border, far from civilization.
Landscape, nature, animals and humans are my inspiration. Always looking for structures, movement, rhythm, repetition.

Of course I am touched by what is happening in the world. In my work I do not react literally on the worlds news. Yet it is about universal themes in which people can recognize themselves. The viewer looks for elements of life. My work gets meaning through their associations and fantasies.

I can now say that the death of my son (2005) brought about major changes in my work. Now, after more than 10 years, I feel the space again which was not there for a long time.

Impressions, feelings and thoughts all come together in my drawings.
My work is created with no preconceived plan, I take decisions while working.

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