Jeremiah McAdams

Jeremiah McAdams

Thank you for visiting my artwork.

My name is Jeremiah, I am the fool that will sit and stare at each stroke upon a canvas, falling in love with each one and how they highlight all the others.

I was lucky enough to attend School of the Arts in SanFrancisco to help nurture my love of visual arts. I took a long time off from creating my own paintings after graduating (life happened, got older, got a job, had kids etc.) Though my love of art never faltered I had stopped producing. Now I have come back to it with a renewed passion.

My artwork itself is purely abstract, as I truly simply enjoy getting lost within the moment as I display my emotion on canvas. This method feels more free, natural and unrestrained to me as opposed to confining myself to realism.

I often times get questioned as to what each piece is supposed be and/or represent. Just know that each is a completely private thought and/or emotion that I normally keep to myself.

A year ago I thought (to myself). What if I were to display them for the world to see and to interpret as their own. If only one person out there is able to look upon a piece and make a personal connection with that piece. Well, then my art has become more than simply my own emotion.

I hope that someone out there will find these pieces and that when they do that the art speaks to them.

Thank you