Specializing in unique beeswax decorated taper candles

I have been making these candles for over twenty five years off and on, in my own home and still love it. I take great pride in my work and make sure every candle is as perfect as the last. Keeping the cost of my candles low is important to me so everyone can afford them. To keep your candles shiny and fresh looking buff them gently with silk.

These beautiful taper candles, which I call beeswax motifs, are hand dipped in paraffin and decorated with beeswax. High quality metallic and colored German decorative wax .Then finally finish with paraffin treated with clear crystals for a hard top coat to seal decorative wax and give a lustrous shine Fade resistant and unlike painted candles they will not scratch, chip, or peal lasting years if handled reasonably.

I do personalizations for customers that want names or dates for birthdays or anniversaries or just any occasion written on the candle decorative wax with . Custom orders and personalizations are a few dollars extra depending on what you want done. Note when making personalized candles I will need to start from scratch. Since these candles you see here are already finished.

If you see anything you like that has been sold or where there is only one pair, I can always make more. If you like make alterations and or different color combinations on existing listings. Also new design ideas of your own are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me for any questions.

Time and time again I hear folks say "Your candles are so beautiful I would never burn them" Now I will encourage you to burn them because it's fun on special occasions. No candle last forever and sooner or later someone will and it might as well be you, besides you can always buy more. Remember never to leave burning candles unattended.

Thank you for your visit, if all works well for me here on Art pal I will be posting more candles. Hundreds of candles so please come back to visit me soon.
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Blue Clusters, Taper candles

Purple Clusters,Taper candles

Pink Clusters, Taper candles

Yellow Clusters, Taper candles

Honeycomb Holly's, taper candles

Be mine/ I'm yours - Valentine

Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Chocolate Easter Bunny's

Elegant Centerpiece,Taper Candles

Ellipse,Taper Candles

Flower Spiral, Taper Candles

Impatiens,Taper Candles

Retro Psychedelic design

Circus Collection,taper candles

Happy Birthday Balloons

Free pair of mini chime candles

Wax Coated Ink Nebula,Taper Candles

Argyle Pattern,Taper Candles

Retro Circles,Taper Candles

Butterfly's Taper Candles

Lilacs in a vase, Taper candles

Mothers Turquoise Necklace

Angel's,Taper Candles

Silver Dabbers,Taper Candles

Gold Dabbers,Taper Candles

Red Dabbers,Taper Candles

Orange Dabbers,Taper Candles

Purple Dabbers,Taper Candles

Green Dabbers,Taper Candles

Blue Dabbers,Taper Candles

Black Dabbers,Taper Candles

Christmas Lights,Taper Candles

Christmas Ornaments, Taper Candles

Honeycomb Holly's,Taper Candles

Christmas Bells,Taper Candles

Christmas Bulbs,Taper Candles

Let It Snow,Taper Candles

Christmas Loops,Taper Candles

Christmas Stockings,Taper Candles