Something bit about me!
Im a 39 years old selftaught glass engraving artist from Slovenia, with a passion for gaming.Years ago i used to draw alot but then after few years of break i discovered glass art. I was fascinated about it and it was if i may to say love at first sight. All my engravings are made by hand, i mostly enjoy engraving glass portraits, characters from games or celebrities. An engraving takes me 20 to 60 hours to be made and i still need time to work, family and friends.

What do i do?
Im making unique glass engraved pictures of people, cars, items, celebrities, game or comic characters, practicly anything you can imagine. Every of my glass pictures is unique as i deceided to make only one of the same projects.

Can i make you a custom glass engraved picture?
Sure thing. You send me a picture via email, or tell me what motiv would you like me to made for you, and i choose one, then we discuss details about size, frame, adding a text ,positioning....

As i would like to buy new more professional engraving tools, which are pretty expensive for me, and even more improve my art, would like to thank everyone who buys and that way supports my passion.