Montana - Doux rêves -

Montana - Doux rêves -

Hello everyone, visitors for a day, an hour, a second. Welcome to my space. I am a painter, engraver, draftsman, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts. I seek above all the direct expression of feelings, sometimes repressed deep within. Through a raw artistic expression and free from any constraint, I express my rage, my joys, my hatreds ... I claim myself as a raw artist, because being a raw artist is denied any dictatorship of the market current art, refused to respond to a request for fashion, to be free in its expression, in its creation.

Memories :
"1 of the last 7 days and more, I lost myself in the shade of your soul ... You were beautiful and flawless, your emerald eyes attracted me inexorably in the torment of my tortured thoughts ... Me here is your devoted servant forever, you oh my muse, my fairy my sweet dream ... You my lost life ..."

"1 des 7 derniers jours et plus, je me suis perdu à l'ombre de ton âme... Tu étais belle et sans défauts, ton regard d'émeraude m'a attiré inexorablement dans les tourments de mes pensées torturées...Me voilà à jamais ton serviteur dévoué, toi oh ma muse, ma fée mon doux rêve...Toi ma vie perdue..."

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