Sylvia Molho:

French Artist born to a family from Spanish origin, grew up in the south of France from age 1 to 23, spent 3 years in San Francisco, California and living now with my husband in Bodrum, Turkey; we can safely say I am multicultural :)

My artist name is Molik which is composed of part of my maiden name (Celikbilek) and part of my married name (Molho)

The closest definition of my style is probably Abstract Expressionism with a touch of Poetry; I like to incorporate materials such as clay sculpture, mortar, glass, and living material to craft structures that reflect subtleties of light, form and space. My goal is to have my work touch people using more than one sense; but you will mostly see my Digital Paintings here.
I also like to paint figurative style pictures or portraits, so if you need a special picture to be reproduced on canvas please let me know.

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Figurative, Still Life paintings

Abstract paintings

Illustration and Watercolors