Maria Klainer - Mk Art

Maria Klainer - Mk Art

Born in 1985 at St Petersburg (ex-URSS)

Live in Tel Aviv – Israel

Domain: Abstract Painter

My passion and knowledge for painting came from my father, who was a painter and woodcarving.

My muse is the Earth, it brings me the inspiration, and we are living in Paradise.
Moreover, everyone, from his birthday received an entrance ticket to here.
To my regrets, some people are destroying and polluting it, are abusing animals and are killing the source of our lives.
The use of bold color in my Art helps me to express the beauty of our universe.
In contrast, the use of a color-free pen technical is the expression of the technology advancement in our generation and in next generations.

I wish that we would succeed in the world’s preservation and to protect the colors that exist here...

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