Mizoku's Dark Arts

Mizoku's Dark Arts


I am an independant generative artist, who creates art that is in the theme of Life and Death; Light and Dark. My creations can sometimes be occultic or religious in nature as I enjoy creating in the style of religious lore and utilizing the subject matter in my art. Other times I create simply out of inspiration from an idea or thought. I make what pleases my eye and I know if I enjoy what I do, others will too.

I have 10+ years of experience in a variety of mediums ranging from pencil, charcoal, pen, colored pencil, digital, utilizing ai generation, and even the voice and I believe singing is a valid art medium. All in all I've learned a lot about art, art theory, and composition. I've also learned a ton about myself, what it is that I enjoy what I like to see and a lot of other valuable lessons along the way.

I hold true to my craft what ever it may be at the time and I live by the value of going where the tide takes me. I wasn't always a singer at one point in my life and never thought it was possible. But one day I just started to sing and taught myself everything I've learned about it much as any other medium I had picked up along my life. And I still stand true to the principle that nothing in unacheivable with enough drive, effort, and passion for what you do and what you create.

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The Astrology Daemon Series