Mithila Painting

Mithila Painting

A 2500-year-old Indian folk paintings are the from Mithila region of Bihar. Its also known as Madhubani Painting. Its usually done by Mithila women on their walls during festive season like Dussehra, Diwali, etc. Mithila paintings have been created since the 14th century by women in the villages of Bihar, state of India. Generally we use natural paint and also bright colors pigments on the walls. Black, red, green, orange and yellow are the most used colors in this style of painting. Usually black is main focused as it shows the border and detailing of the painting. Instead of brushes, objects like matchsticks and even fingers are used to create the paintings. Over the coming years, a wide range of styles and qualities of Mithila art have evolved.

I am from one of the Mithila region named "Darbhanga". I am painting the past 2-3 years as of now as I was working in the corporate field, but the passion of this art has pulled me back again to restart my passion and raise the awareness of our traditional fold art to all parts of India first. Most of the people doesn't even know about this art. I want to express and let people know about our traditional folk art through my paintings.

Hope to see some positive knowledge about Madhubani paintings in the future from our own people.

Till then Take care.
From- Shruti Aryan