Miss 蝶 Art/Photography

Miss 蝶 Art/Photography


Hello dear visitors ! Welcome in my gallery ! 👋😄

My name is Missrosea22 or Miss 蝶 for photography.
I'm a french girl of 21 years and I live in France ! 😊

Information: I'm not a english speaker and I don't speak english fluently.
So my english level is very bad ... but I work hard ~ (Sorry, for the potential spelling mistakes ! google trad' sometimes) 😅

I'm passionate about art and photography but also by music that is one of my sources of inspiration. 🎵💭

🎨 ❤️ I have been drawing seriously for 2 years now.
My style of drawing is between manga and semi-realism.
I do a lot of portrait because I am still studying the functioning of anatomy which is my big flaw.

📷 ❤️ I practice photography for almost a year.
I mostly photograph nature, (flowers, animals and sometimes landscapes) but I count over time diversify myself with other themes.

I try my best for progress in digital art and photography so, please support me !

After this little presentation I let you discover my work, hoping with all my heart that you like ! 😊

I have a french Facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/Missrosea22/
And a Deviantart gallery here : missrosea22.deviantart.com

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