Little Messy Missy & the Hedgerow

Little Messy Missy & the Hedgerow

I love to play in color. Outside in the gardens or inside with paints. Watercolor holds my soul together. Nature is my inspiration and Magic is my guide.

A little note about me... I had never used water colors until I lost my hearing at age 43, about 2 years ago(as of July 2020). Now it's become an obsession/compulsion/drive to paint daily. It's like a song trying to escape, and the more I paint the louder the music becomes.

I love animals and presently have 2 cats, 2 dogs, ducks, quail, chickens, koi fish, button quail, finches and about 30 bird feeders. We grow much of our own food and save seeds. I have also worked in Behaviors/Special Education for 20+years.
Thanks for looking at my art work.

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