Mike Smale

Mike Smale


Mike Smale is a passionate musician, photographer, writer and short filmmaker who has received international acclaim for his unique compositions and fine-art photography. He is a strong advocate for the arts and humanitarianism.

As a musician, Mike is best known for his virtuosic performances, compositions and improvisations for the piano and bass guitar. Growing up in a musical family, he learned how to play classical and jazz music from listening to the recordings of Glenn Gould, Miles Davis, and Bill Evans, and by reading along with scores to orchestral and theatre music. He began playing the piano at the age of seven and the bass at the age of seventeen with only a few years of private lessons.

Mike has performed and hosted art galleries throughout Canada and the United States, sharing his perspective on the natural beauty of the world and its lesser known, abstract undertones. He continues to create new musical and visual works in various genres from his home studio hidden away in the pines.