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Mike Nobody


Mike Nobody (a.k.a. Ronnie Michael Sullivan, born September 15, 1973) is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, visual artist, and creator of experimental instruments who is regarded as an outsider artist-musician by his contemporaries in the fine art and alternative music scenes. He has been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety disorders.
Most of his work consists of ultra-limited, hand assembled cassettes he recorded alone in his home with whatever means available at the time.
His visual work consists mostly of paper drawings and mixed media paintings made from found materials.

The art for sale here are the ORIGINAL, UNIQUE pieces of art by Mike Nobody.
PRINTS or POSTERS are rare exceptions.

As with his music-making, Mike will draw with whatever he has at hand. Most 8 1/2" x 11" pieces sold here are usually done using ink pen or markers (sometimes a gel pen, sometimes a "Sharpie" marker or other marker). When colored, he again uses "anything at hand".  Marker coloring is usually made using regular consumer-grade color markers or highlighters.
Mike is known to sometimes draw on both sides of a page, or one side may have an incomplete work. This is typically noted.
The PAPER used in most work is either 8"x11" sketchbook paper or copier-grade "typing" paper, often on the back of scrap paper. It is sometimes lined paper, sometimes has hole punches, and sometimes is paper from spiral notebooks with small holes down the side (especially existing older works). The base color is most often white but sometimes other shades or colors.
Paintings and other objects are usually made with re-purposed materials of varying quality, including (but not limited to) canvas, cardboard, or wood.

Mike is a manic-depressive, "stream of consciousness" artist.  He draws compulsively and does not manage the care of finished art well. Much of it, unfortunately, frequently gets discarded or destroyed. Most art received from Mike Nobody is in imperfect condition - some of the older drawings are creased, folded, yellowed, or stained.
We have taken the practice of SCANNING the art as received and storing it with a protective cover in safe, dry conditions. We leave it to the buyer to perform any reparations. Many collectors regard the imperfect state of Mike's art as part of the character to be preserved and displayed "as-is".

If you have any questions about the exact condition of a piece you are interested in, you are welcome to inquire about the piece before making a purchase. Otherwise, the piece is in the condition as represented in the scan, and might have blunted edges, folds, dings, and sometimes tears or damage - these are almost always visible in the scans. MikeDamnNobody@gmail.com

Commission your very own custom-made Mike Nobody painting (11"x14" canvas; $180, $200 outside US),
or drawing (8"x11" paper; full-color for $125, $135 outside US or black & white for $30, $40 outside US).
Simply contact MykNobody@aol.com to discuss details.

When purchased from this site, you receive a letter of authenticity, and your piece is cataloged with the digital archives of Mike. The art may appear in subsequent publications, news articles, or books. Mike reserves and retains the right to reproduce images of any art he creates and sells.

If you would like to have your name included in an index of fans and collectors in any upcoming publications, be sure to email MikeDamnNobody@gmail.com with instructions or HOW you'd like to be listed in the COMMENTS portion of your transaction at check-out.
To be listed, we need to know HOW you would like to be listed - we are requesting a NAME or PSEUDONYM and location.
For instance:

J Smith, Norway
Jane Doe, Philiadelphia, PA
RunningBear, USA

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