Formally trained in Architecture at Cal Poly University.
Studied Renaissance and Modern Art along with architecture in Florence, Italy.
My style is a mix of abstract expressionism and intuitive painting. I shut my mind off and let the painting become whatever it wants without suppositions and trying to fight it. This method started as an exercise before a painting class, and I liked it so much I just kept doing it. Over the years, I've evolved it into smaller, more colorful pieces.

My work has been selling on Ebay and Etsy since 2007.

I'm influenced by architecture, design, landscapes, patterns, music, words, poetry, noises, rhythms, and since changing careers, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and microbiology--in my finished works I can see elements of the built environment, the natural environment, anatomical influences and even the microscopic world; my work reflects all of my education from art and architecture to the medical field in which I now work. Everything I've seen and done somehow sneaks back into my work. I can see everything from the work of sculptors like Beverly Pepper, Arnaldo Pomodoro, and Walter Pichler to architects like Hundertwasser and Gaudí in my work.

Thank you for supporting my art work--I do hope you bookmark my page and check back often, as I continue to paint and paint, because it's a meditation for me at the start, and end, of every day.